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Chee Ia Yang

Chee Ia Yang
Class of 2012
Employed at University of Michigan

Double Majors: Sociology and Marketing
Graduate School: Michigan State University ‘15
Employer: University of Michigan
Title: Program Manager, Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

I am a first-gen, low-income Hmong American womxn. I am also the fourth of eight children and a proud daughter of refugee parents who fled war-torn Southeast Asia. My mother instilled in me and my siblings the value of learning and higher education - opportunities that were rare or nonexistent for the Hmong community in Southeast Asia.

I was a super involved student prior to college, and this continued into college. From living on-campus to joining student organizations to seeking leadership opportunities, I interacted with student affairs professionals at UNC Charlotte who made a huge impact on my undergraduate experience, in particular around my racial identity and leadership development. Regena Brown, former Assistant Director of the Multicultural Resource Center, saw my interest and passion, and mentored me into the field (shoutout to NUFP!). Matt Ferguson, former Assistant Director of OFSL, and Michelle Guobadia, Director of OFSL, supported me in my looong journey of chartering Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc., the first Asian-interest Greek Letter Organization at UNC Charlotte. To this day, this is my proudest undergraduate contribution to UNC Charlotte. Ultimately, I wanted to create and/or bring opportunities to UNC Charlotte to benefit the marginalized communities to which I belong to. The combination of these experiences led me to this field.