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41 UNC Charlotte faculty, staff complete violence prevention certification program

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Green Dot is a violence prevention strategy designed to mobilize students, staff and faculty to engage in bystander behavior and introduce new norms to create a safer campus community. The Center for Wellness Promotion partnered with the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage to host a four-day virtual certification training over Zoom from May 18-21. Alteristic provided the certification training which included an overview of the strategy, curriculum and time to practice and plan for launching Green Dot at UNC Charlotte. 

Interpersonal violence is a serious public health issue impacting college students across the country. Through education, awareness and skills practice, Green Dot participants are equipped to react and intervene in high-risk situations — resulting in the ultimate reduction of violence.

41 staff and faculty from various divisions (Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Athletics, University Advancement and Institutional Integrity) completed the certification program. The Green Dot Trainer team will begin implementing the Green Dot Strategy this summer with an official launch in Fall 2021. The goal for the 2021-22 academic year is to train at least 6% of the student population (approximately 1,800 students), in addition to staff and faculty. 

Green Dot training is now available for the entire campus community. If you are interested in hosting a Green Dot presentation for your department, student group or organization, please contact Chelsey Walker, Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator in the Center for Wellness Promotion, at

Congratulations to the following Student Affairs staff for receiving their Green Dot College Strategy Certification:

  • Betria Stinson
  • Jessica Pinti Dunson
  • Beau Dooley
  • Chelsey Walker
  • Sarah Besse
  • Heather Kloeker-Webster
  • Zak Chandler
  • Stephanie Rewitzer
  • Rebecca Gillison
  • Pariss Coleman
  • Adam Nichols
  • Lex Kelch-Brickner
  • Melissa Knutsen
  • Michelle Guobadia
  • Bonny Shade
  • Kait McConomy
  • Adam Burden
  • Aysen Ulupinar
  • Sujit Chemburkar